Was it the Bonapartist Rule a Supremacist and Discriminatory Rule? (we will study the supremacy of the two main reigning Bonaparte, Napoleon the Fisrt and Napoleon the Third, and their siblings)

Was it the Bonapartist Rule a Crime of War?

Was it the Bonapartist Rule a Crime against Humanity?

Was it the Bonapartist Rule a Bonapartheid?

We will answer to these questions, and we will do it now.

We could then talk about the 2021 Franco-Russian commemeoration of the French and Russian troops which died during the Berezina (Napoleon Campaign of Russia), theirs corpses are together in the same death crop, and we can not regognize who is who, who is Russian and who is French.

It is symbolic in many ways : it could mean that after war, they don’t have banners and countries behin them, and that they have the same blood, and the same bones. Russian and French died by the same death : by the hand of other men or the violence of cold nature.

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This could also indicates what was the consequence, and maybe the cause of all this tourments : Bend the blood and the bones of not only Continental Europe,but all Eurasian world in one same garden, or cemetery, as the French « Grognards» attacked The Russian Empire which was ruling over Siberia and Cental Asia steppes, tundra and taiga.

If the Napoleon conquest of Russia had been successful, the Bonapartist rule would have been total and authoriatharian, but also organized and with a certain sense of governance, which is not a default.

But why can we praise Europe invasion and domination b Bonaparte and condemn the same patterns use by Hitler, who as Napoleon invade its world, Germania, which included germanic contries, and Germaniaso-called first enemy (Francia), as Napoleon did with its world, Francia and Romia or Roman world, and its so called most feared opponent (Germania), but also its historic enemy (Britania)?

Is it due to the only diffrence between Napoleon the First and the Fuhrer their treatment of their subjugated populations, as Hitler planned a systematic deportation, slavery, and genocid of Jewish people, Romani and Slavic people, among others?

Then it would be useful to know that Napoleon the Fisrt re-established the infamous slavery, that were abolished, and so pursue a slavery global policy.

Is there some paralles we could drew between Hitlerian and Bonopartist Empires ? Didn’t Hitler called its Rule and Territory the Third Reich ?

The third Reich could have been, curiously, the one which succeded the two first Reichs, by Napoloeon the First and his disputed nephew Napoleon the Third.

Are the domination and vassalization of the territories under their control, and the brutality of the conquests that allowed it, specific signs of the Reich processes and system?



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