TRANSAFRIKHA West Africa Network (TRANSAFRIKHA WEST) is an integrated mobility system, driving sustainable and economic development.

The core components of the TRANSAFRIKHA WEST is the TRANSAFRIKHA WEST Mobility corridor.

TRANSAFRIKHA WEST Mobility corridor encompasses:

The TRANSAFRIKHA WEST Railways (including Hyperloop and high-speed rail infrastructures and services),

The TRANSAFRIKHA WEST Highways (including specific roads for autonomous land vehicles),

The TRANSAFRIKHA WEST Ports and Airports Fund (to finance the construction and modernisation of ports and airports)

The TRANSAFRIKHA WEST Pipelines (to transport through pipelines petroleum and gas between the key points of production, importation, exportation and the area of stocking and consumption),

The TRANSAFRIKHA WEST Cruise and Shipping Company (to transport People thanks to TRANSAFRIKHA cruise services, and goods with TRANSAFRIKHA sea cargo freight duties)

The TRANSAFRIKHA WEST Express (to transport People and goods with our buses, coaches, trucks and taxis).

The TRANSAFRIKHA WEST Airways (to transport People and goods with our TRANSAFRIKHA airplanes)

The TRANSAFRIKHA WEST Hotels and Catering (to provide leisure, catering and tourism services to TRANSAFRIKHA guests and customers)

TRANSAFRIKHA WEST Energies (to provide green energy to People, communities and the ecosystem)

TRANSAFRIKHA WEST Communications (to provide TIC services to everyone at any time)


HGOAH BANK (the prime sponsor bank and financial partner of TRANSAFRIKHA)

K1FO (the News agency covering TRANSAFRIKHA ventures, providing valuable information to its investors, partners, stakeholders and customers)

HGOAH SAFETY (to provider safety services towards TRANSAFRIKHA teams, stakeholders, assets and infrastructures)

HGOAH CONSTRUCTION (to provide construction, civil engineering, and real estate development services in the framework of TRANSAFRIKHA projects building)

HGOAH-TRANSAFRIKHA is the consortium responsible for the TRANSAFRIKHA Project.

HGOAH GROUP and TRANSAFRIKHA are the members of the HGOAH-TRANSAFRIKHA consortium.


Director GEVOS, Chief Editor K1FO News

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