Transafrikha Railways

Transafrikha Railways

Transafrikha is an integrated transportation and supply network for Africa and the world. The Transafrikha Railways is a global operator for passenger and freight rail transportation. Transafrikha Railways is a sustainable renewable source of share and production, which need to start, now.

Transafrikha Railways is based on the Transafrikha Railway Network, conceived and presented in 2006 by M.Gnadou Dano Zady. Transafrikha Railways consist of freight rail transportation (Cargo Transafrikha) and passenger rail transportation (Flash Transafrikha), including high-speed (Transafrikha Speed). Cargo Transafrikha Railways is composed by a Dakar (SEN) – Niamey (NER) section, with extension to Agadem (NER) and N’Djamena (TCD), and a linking section between Agadem and N’djamena.

Cargo Transafrikha Railways also consist of a N’djamena – Bangui section, with extensions to Douala (CMR)/Malabo (GNQ), Addis Ababa(ETH)/Djibouti (DJI), Mogadishu (SOM) and Lubumbashi (SOM).

Transafrikha Speed consist of the same lines than the cited beyond Transafrikha Freight Railways, with the exception, for now, of the Niamey – Agadem section and the Agadem – N’djamena jonction, both reached by Flash Transafrikha trains.

Transafrikha Railways priority connections include Khartum/Port-Sudan (SDN) and Asmara /Massawa (ERI), Lagos (NGA), Luanda (AGO) and Dar es Salam (TZN).

Transafrikha Dakar – Djibouti is a already promoted Transafrikha project, integrated in the Transafrikha Railways: Transafrikha Dakar – Djibouti distinguished itself by a straight jonction between N’djamena and Addis Ababa.

Transafrikha Railways is a Transafrikha venture, planned and designed by Transafrikha and K1FO



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