Transafrikha Peace and Development Plan: The Burkina Faso – Guinea – Mali Economic Boulevard

Transafrikha Peace and Development Plan: The Burkina Faso – Guinea – Mali Economic Boulevard

Western Africa is experiencing a popular and military awakening, constituting a Sahelian arc from Guinea to Burkina Faso through Mali. The three listed countries are the targets of the ECOWAS sanctions, in the form of a political and economical embargo. While the leaders of the new post-Coup d’État governments could faced remarks and observations from the international community, we should keep in mind the civil population and the environment, both complementary; we should preserve and valorize them.

In this intent, GEVOS, through its Transafrikha project, propose the Guinea-Mali-Burkina Faso Economic Space and Boulevard. An economic boulevard is an integrated geographical business center that enables trade and exchanges into a dedicated continous common space.

The Burkina Faso-Guinea-Mali Economic Boulevard (BFGM Economic Boulevard) is part of the Transafrikha Peace and Development Plan, planned for Africa enhancement. The BFGM economic boulevard very first infrastructure will be the Burkina Faso-Guinea-Mali (BFGM) Railway, connecting Conakry (Guinea), Bamako (Mali) and Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso).

The BFGM Railway would have a distance of 1380 – 1400 km. For passenger and freight transportation, the BFGM Railway stations will be Conakry (Guinea), Kankan (Guinea), Sikasso (Mali), Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso) and Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso).

The rail line should consist at least of a conventional double-track, this for a total investment cost of €12. 4 billion. If there is a complementary high-speed double-track rail line, constructed as part of the BFGM railway, it will have a minimul total investment cost of €20.3 billion, puting the total investment cost of BFGM conventional and high-speed railways to €32.5 billion.

The BFGM railway will be completed by the Guinea-Mali Railway (280-290 km, €2.6 billion) between Kankan, Guinea and Bamako, Mali; by the Mali-Mauritania Railway (1360-1370 km, €12.1 billion) between Sikasso, Bamako, Kita, Kayes, and Nouakchott, and could connect Sierra Leone, Liberia, Niger and other neighbouring countries.

For Transafrikha, by GEVOS

GNADOU Athytheaud, Director GEVOS, SG Transafrikha

Transafrikha is a venture project by GEVOS

31th January 2022


Director GEVOS, Chief Editor K1FO News

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