A Moutain In The Dark

Blued by the Moon

Silence and red marks

Unknown is the Soon



It continues its path

Who stayed alone… with noneself ?

Like the board in the class

Can you write on yourself ?



Why fall in a fail ?

Look, the train that moves on

A character you hail

Your pencil never gone …



We come to a station

The way talks undertone

Live. Unended mission

But what is done… never gone


We all didn’t know

What we lost.

I never would have known

What I lost.



Take the turn by the side

Don’t stay on the tunnels/on the bridges

Latent legacy you can’t hide

Grab tomorrow/build your switches



So dramatically detached ?

After being so febrile !

At dawn, were you prepared ?

For the fights ? Creeping trial.



When it will be the time

To patiently make the accounts

Hope you will be on your mount !

May your steps be mimed. 





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