Transafrikha Organisation, responsible for the Transafrikha project, designed Transafrikha rail network sections in various African countries, all over the continent. Transafrikha: The Khrystal, our for free e-book describe the Transafrikha intercontinental system, which lines are present in every nation of Africa.

While Transafrikha emphasize on the non-centric nature of its initiative, we should aknowledge that every creation have its origin or birthplace, or at least its zero point. If we consider the scope and vision of Transafrikha, we recognize the importance of open, viable and secure societies, we regnognize the sacred values of the UN Declarations.

Therefore, it is in the spirit of preservation of people dignity, freedom to live and move, that we propose to the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) to be sponsor of the Transafrikha project, for its implementation in Ivory Coast.

In exchange, Transafrikha pledge to contribute for the design, financing and building of the Ivorian sections of the Transafrikha railway network. Transafrikha eight main railway sections in Ivory Coast are the following :

  1. San Pédro – Odienné (600 km)
  2. Abidjan – Bouna (500 km)
  3. Korhogo – Agboville (450 km), part of the Korhogo – Abidjan main line
  4. Béoumi – Tanda (300 km), part of the San Pédro – Bouna main line
  5. Béoumi – Man – Danané (300 km), part of the San Pedro -Korhogo main line
  6. Béoumi – Séguéla (150 km), part of the Abidjan – Odienné main line
  7. Odienné – Korhogo – Bouna (550 km)
  8. San Pedro – Abidjan (350 km)

With a maximal total lenght of 3 200 km, the Transafrikha Ivory Coast Railway Network initial eight main lines are double-track railways, for freight and passenger transportation. All these trunk lines are intended to be electrified, thus upgrading capacity, reducing energy consumption, and enhancing trains overall speed. Parallel Transafrikha dedicated high-speed passenger railways are planned, with top operational speed of 200 kph or above. Both mixed traffic railways and dedicated high-speed passenger railways are part of Transafrikha plan, and could benefit from Transafrikha infrastructure investment program.

With a top operationnal speed of 160 kph for passenger trains, and 120 kph for freight trains, the Transafrikha Ivory Coast railways are part of the Transafrikha transcontinental railway scheme. Therefore, Ivory Coast Transafrikhan rail lines are siblings of Transafrikha railways in other African countries, with which it shall be connected and interoperational.



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