Supermassive Manhole

Supermassive Manhole

I am the sleeping cat on roofs of the village,

In front on the moon, without name, without age,

Closed eyes, I guess the deep darkness of the sky,

On the top of the painting, I look like a lone spy,

Playing with the void as a chrysalis before the fly,

I can’t see the seconds, which disappear and die !

People are asking : Why do you leave your nest of laziness ?

Perhaps they are worried : Laziness rhym with madness.

What are they thinking ? I want to escape from my prison,

Looking for me, stars and shadows try to understand.

They don’t know there is no sense, no logic, no reason !

… And me, when I’m ready to generate the end,

It’s too late, the hourglasses already cried all their sand.

But who win complaining ? So keep walking and … Come on !*







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