War isn’t horrible? Even if someone appreciated Germany and German people, during WW2, if you were a French guy, you had to hate them, and there was a reciprocity in that. Even if your best friend was a stocker from Hamburg, you should have developped some contempt to a neighbouring country, neighbouring people, this because governments or judiciary decisions put the situation in that way. You know, basically, Jews were blamed for many things after WW1, which is strange since we didn’t know they were belligerant as a whole in this conflict. Anyways, it is laws, so judiciary decisions, and governmental decrees, so State decisions that put them on the deadly rails of persecution, and then deportation and extermination. There is always an ideology in it, in this hate incarnation, there is some racism of power. There is something we all should be far away from. This is why led to fight repentless nazism, even if you were German, French or far away . . . from the battleground.

Hate towards perceived ennemies of the State or labelled parasites of the Nation, this is something very furious, and it led to furious events, pogroms, autodafés (even the words, the culture, the mind have to be burnt down). This is why hate and nationalism are now in the post-45 world considered as a dangerous combination. « No hate, no nation » would be a globalist attempt to fight the curse. I would prefer to say that hate can live without nation, and nation without hate too, and that nations, if they still have a sense, or at least peoples, could better live, or live, without hate between themselves, and even self-hate.

This is why links between peoples are important, and links between generations, to enlighted the importance of the walk history taken. The world march is eternal, but it could end if the world collapse. Is it the better way to the world to collapse in the fact of the world being unique, unitary? An one-dimensional world a unidirectional world would be dangerous because if the hegemonic model was in difficulty, all the system would fall, without alternative. This is why all empires collapse, because their nature is based on the absence of alternative: it is them and nothing else, the empire or the chaos. This sometimes create a state of chaotic empire, as all is in it, corrupt or abusive power, and resistance or internal disorder. Total domination is the key which unlock freedom and diversity, creating suffocation in the coffin it creates.

It is better I think to prefer a multiple world, always rich and surprising, evolving from its differences and the common respect for each other, in exchange and mutually agreed self-sovereignty.What is interesting is that few years ago, it would have been curious to develop thoughts such ideas, with the Sras-Covid pandemic, and the climate challenges of the 21st century, considering how they could be unilateraly treated, our multistellar universe doctrine is never so important. The end of the sun as the only star in the cosmos is the road to acceptance. Regardless of the direction power and influence will take in the future centuries, respect of each space elements and bodies should prevail, their respect in time, present, past and future will be crucial in analysis and fact. As you know, application of ideas through concrete examples and tests is primordial for us.

Let take the relationships between Western world and Africa, with a case we have previously explored on K1FO : the consfication or seizing of African leaders or State goods and assets by Western states. Of course, all of this is judiciary affairs, but we could ignore State affairs are always State affairs, and a judiciary affair concerning a foreign state or a head of State, precisely a foreign one vis-à-vis of the judiciary, is always a state affair, so state affairs first concern the States themselves, I mean their governments and political powers. By this, judiciary cases concerning Western states and African States is an affair between their States. Justice in this regard is a tool, a diplomatic tool, whose aim, here, is , you will see, to be the more non-diplomatic they can.

See Official Statement by HGOAH’s TRANSAFRIKHA: Stay strong Equatorial Guinea!

Accusing some african leaders of having bought goods or assets via the money they earned from laundering of embezzlement of public funds of their countries, and corruption, and laundering of breach of social assets, and laundering of breach of trust, western executive-judicail powers decided to sue them, pursue them, convict them and kind of spoliate them. What is funny is that these seized goods and assets, properties of african states or statesmen are all located in Europe, have been bought them, or crafted by European companies: I’m talking of real estate, cars, luxury goods and so on. What is the more funny is how a western country, like for example Switzerland, can pursue a foreign country regarding the management of their public funds, I mean, could you imagine a British politician being convict by Zimbabwe this based on the management of british public funds? Not at all, and you would say it’s hilarious and sci-fi. Sci-fi ? I hope not. We see there is a cruel absence of reciprocity in the way western and african countries consider each other or treat each other. And thanks to executive-judicial and media power (the fourth, after the legislative which write the laws in question), this prejudicial bias are transmitted to the population, which is a subtile racist propaganda, or the dissemination of a superiority complex, which is unnaceptable and derogatory between nations.

Nations are equal, but the ones that don’t treat the other with respect and equity will be granted with the inferiority of their pride and prejudice.

But what is the most stunning is the base of all of this. What is the base? What matter for the western prosecutors, if not the African goods and assets? It is the money that interest them, but where did the money came from ? Taken legally or illegally, all the money that serve the african govts or govts leaders to acquire goods and assets are from Africa, came from African economy activity and is african goods, assets and property. So there is no discussion about that, the money must directly return to Africa, african countries and peoples. Is it the case now? No, of course! I will to proove that show you how France govt & justice, France being one of the prosecutors country against some african governments and statesmen, organize the management of African seized and spoliated funds.

The money and assets will go to the French Development Agency / Agence Française de Développement -AFD), which would be granted a surprising new capital of full African origin, and it could manage this money as it will please it, « case by case » (au cas par cas, in French). So basically, France seized the african-born funds and then give it to its own investment fund, and that would be normal? No, the money should be granted, concerning Equatorial Guinea seized funds and assets, to an Equatorial Guinea structure whose goal would be to participate to Equatorial Guinea development.

How a prosecutor country could be more hypocrite. During the Vice President of Equatorial Guinea trial, French prosecutors claimed that « (they) will take the money out of Teodoro OBIANG NGUEMA MANGUE (the Vice President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea), and return all the money to the Equatoguinean people. So gentle … and false. We’ve done our research because there is always lies from these kind of prosecutions regarding foreign assets, and it was: in fact, the seized funds and assets from Equatoguinena govt or statesmen, or the revenue of their sales, will be inscripted in the French budget, as if it was from French-produced wealth. We should have known that confiscation in foreign countries portfolio was a legal way of producing national wealth…

And now, as I said, the capital earned from the spoliation will be inscripted in a budget of the French Foreign Affairs Ministry, and then transfered to the French Development Agency. So, if we understand, the Equatorial guinean people are, according to the French prosecutors against NGUEMA OBIANG MANGUE, in fact … The French Development Agency!: Equatorial guinean citizens are French, and all african people are french, so their development agency, the one that could manage the money legally or illegaly earned from Africa by african leaders, is the … French development agency, this is so logical of course, and in no way a sign of neo-colonialism infantilization, stating that the African people and leaders can not manage themselves or their money, at least in their own development agency , for their countries and people.

This is unnaceptable, as I said, Equatorial Guinea governement, and all african states government which have been the target of ill-gotten goods, should create their own developmeent agency for managing their funds and assets seized by their judiciary or but it should be llegal, from foreign judiciary, and the revenue earned from their sales by themselves or by foreign structures.

Secondly, what are we talking about? We are talking about the African wealth, which is in part in the hands of african peoples, including private of public figures, right? What should have an end is also the buying of expensive goods or assets in western countries, it seems like it bother local govt or judiciary institutions here, they are like, « is it an african which own this Parisian place? Come on , this is unnaceptable! ». This is just just a unwelcoming attitude by some western powers, and this is not to their advantage. I remember when I was a reporter in the early 2010s, many people in western countries complained not only about the Middle East monarchies buying prestigious goods, brands and even companies, but also about the Chinese tourists or businessmen which were doing trade and buyings in Europe and North America. Well, now western pecuniary complains about the fact Asiatic investors massively left Europe, and prefer to do business in their own place, buying estate in their own states.

This is TRANSAFRIKHA statement, if a place doesn’t want you to live and consume here, live and consume in your own place. Gabon, Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea leaders and governments should first, regarding the racism of power they are confronted with in some world regions, consume, invest in their own georgraphical region, and develop here. This is why, for the development of the African regions we’re concerned with at the same level than the so diligent western prosecutors in african wealth cases, we advise to create here, in Africa, at a state-level, and or interstate or in a regional cooperation way, a development structure which would be the sole africanly and internationally recognized organization of management and investment of seized funds or assets from African porfolios, for Africa development. These national or regional development organisations in Africa should have independent surveyors, or even managers, which would have the mandate to control that all the money is strictly manage in the interest of the African development, thanks to of course at least one African development agency.

Concerning the accusation of ill-gotten goods, I should be clear. Why some western prosecutors like to think that the money african leaders have necessarly came from the public funds? Can it not be African leaders who are entrepreneurs or are invested in the private economy, from which their revenue would came from? Concerning Mr Teodoro NGUEMA OBIANG MANGUE, is he or not the Head of State, or is he is a person which for many years have been in the private sector, and could have develop private business ventures, which still are his own, while he is now working for the national government? Does Donald J Trump is a criminal because he develeoped private ventures from his company and earned revenue from it, and acquire goods and assets with it ? Does Donald J Trumprelatives are prevented to doing business, including when their father was President of the United States? Does Donald J Trump relatives will be considered criminal because they have goods and assets, earned form their private ventures revenues, will western judiciary think their revenue came from the United States federal funds ? They could, but to do it, they should prove it. And even if they prove it, it would only be the United States judiciary system which should at least prosecute and judge the Trump family exuctives, and earn revenue from their seized funds, assets and from the revenue of the sales of their confiscated assets and goods.

So, if someone want to accuse for example an African leader, say Equatorial Guinea Vice president for embezzlement of Equatorial Guinea public funds, it should be an independent rogatory commision which should came in Equatorial Ginea to made the investigations on site. And if Equatorial Guinea government or government leaders where found guilty, only Equoatorial Guinea structures should then lead and earn the results of the confiscation, control and management of the funds and assets, which primarly are from Equatorial Guinea. The African Money should go back home, but not in a Foreign vehicle/development fund, but in a Africa local vehicle/develompent fund, to invest it, in transparency, for local development and prosperity. This is what we call judiciary integrity, and we pledge for it. This in the only way fro real African judiciary transparency and independence, and the sovereignty of its development management. Which is normal since the money for the development of Africa, the present case proove it, even if it was robbed by foreign institutions, would be first african money.

Is it not curious? Now we see the lie, clearly, the lie the former generations of african peoples endured: the foreign « development » structures give him the money for its development, in fact it is mostly debt, and it was against sacrifices, in the form of privatizations, structural adjustments etc. And now the irony is that the Vice President NGUEMA OBIANG MANGUE default is to be an entrepreneur whose wealth came from the development of the private ecopnomy sector which have been massively promoted in Africa by international institutions. Furthemore, all this foreign funding to Africa, now we see this, could have been in fact the result of spoliation of African-originated goods and assets. We hope it is not the case, but we should thus have fair investigations and negotiations about it, precisely if the persecutions towards legal African governments continues in the form of institutionnal insult in the face of their leaders and their populations. Thank you to some western prosecutors countries to show us their fallacious mecanism of stealing Africa, and then turn it in charity to us, a a debt to us, for which we should pay loan interest, meanwhile tehse fallacious foreign aid are from African workers own ressources and capital.

But in fact, we are not stupid, you can do all you want with this money, its still yours since its you who keep and distribute it to « neo-imperialist » pseudo NGOs, and for mysterious project in Africa and elsewhere, which we now we see it, are against the local interests. TRANSAFRIKHA got one message for prosecutors and confiscators: Give THEIR money back! TRANSAFRIKHA got one message for african governments and businessmen: create sovereign african development agencies, and self-fund african economy by investing, buying and consuming in Africa what you would have help to build and make growth. Thanks.

For Justice

For Development

For Logic

For Peace

TRANSAFRIKHA have the duty to lead a campaign for the justice, against the procedure in progress of Seizing of Africa, which is the symbol of a strategy of a continental and global regression.


Vice Chairman of The Board TRANSAFRIKHA


Director GEVOS, Chief Editor K1FO News

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